Why Do We Write?: an essay

In a society where the market is narrow and rejection letters are frequent, where time to read to your children or to yourself is obsolete…why is it that every bookstore and coffeehouse has its own writing group?

Wan-der-lust: a meditation

We must go to the ends of the world. Here has grown too small, too full with baggage, habits, and words. The contours of our bodies no longer fit or fit too tightly, like a peg forced into too small a hole…

10 Steps to Becoming a Famous Writer: a satire (Dialogue. Oct 2006)

Step 1: Call yourself a writer. If you don’t, no one will…



One thought on “Publications

  1. One writes because doing otherwise is just not an option. Like painting, I think, though I dont paint. Thinking is best for me. They are attempts at beauty. Getting it right. Pleasing,I think.

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