the end.

This year feels different.

I know the beginning of every year always feels fresh, new. Like a new notebook on the first day of school. But this year feels new in a different way. Like I’ve entered not only a new year, but a new phase. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I feel like I’ve entered a distinctly new phase of life. Adulthood? Maybe. Or maybe we’ve finally accepted that––at least for the time-being––we’re here in DC to stay (at least for awhile). We’ve stopped looking for where the path is going to take us eventually and are trying to look around at where the path has us right now. We’ve stopped looking for the path and are trying to focus on making the path.

Which is why I’m excited to say that I’ve decided to stop blogging here at “talitha cum” and move over to a brand new site! It feels a little sad, as the close of any chapter does, but I’m also really excited.

For those of you who are following along via email updates, I hope you’ll click through to the new site (click here!) and, once you get there, click the “Follow!” button on the right to stay updated the way you have with this blog. The content will be similar––hopefully better!

For those of you who are visiting, feel free to peruse what’s here on this blog. I decided not to move it over to the new one (new phase, new blog, new content). But I do hope you’ll join me over here in my new online home: made by walking.


a season in numbers.

3.5: pounds of free coffee since starting at starbucks

22: number of pieces of free coffee cake

1: number of celebrities served

17: number of new (used) books acquired since moving to DC (4 months ago…yikes)

3: number of weeks until my wedding (!)

also 3: number of people flying to the wedding from other countries (canada, australia, ghana)

4: number of marshmellow bars eaten at the Bucks yesterday. so good. so sick.

16: number of letters received this semester. love by post.

132: number of stamps still to use

11: number of days until i’m homeless

6: number of apartments visited to no avail

48.75: number of hours of work on next week’s schedule. eek.

19: number of blog posts since starting this thing

1,137: number of blog hits as of this moment

21: number of comments. not nearly enough…