a part of DC in my dining room.

Recently, Jon and I decided to check out domku cafe in the Petworth neighborhood based on the recommendations we’d been given that said the food was good and that it felt like you were having lunch in anthropologie. Two thumbs up! The food was delish (I had the swedish-inspired “salmon pyt i panna”), the atmosphere was great, and as we basked in the sunlight of the unseasonable warmth and sipped our coffees, something caught my eye.

The ease with which a furniture/antique/junk store can seduce me is actually remarkable (the patina of age! the stories it must have!). I can’t control it. Which is why I made the list of antiques I’m “allowed” to buy (because a person only needs so many trays). But the old chests and chairs and mirrors spilling onto the sidewalk across the street were impossible to resist.  In theory, the list eliminates the impulse purchases…until we found the pew.

The antique dealer had picked it up a few weeks ago from a church on H St that was about to be razed (the next day!).  His eyes lit up when he talked about it, full of pride for having saved this beautiful piece from demolition. But I wasn’t in the market for a church pew. It was not on the list and almost certainly would not fit in the disproportionately small rooms of our little apartment. So I walked away.

And within an hour of getting back home––and doing some furniture rearrangement––Jon had left a message for the antique dealer asking if they’d give us free delivery.

So here it is:

Oh my. So beautiful. I love to sit in it at dinner, wrapped up in a quilt with my feet hanging over the side (though, despite my hard-pewed Calvinist background, I do think it needs a cushion). But the thing I love most about it is that, to me, it represents a piece of DC. We know where it’s from. We actually know part of it’s story. I’ve bought antiques/junk/used-furnishings before and love imagining the stories, but with this, we actually know part of it. In a way, it’s part of DC’s history, just like someday DC will be part of our history.

One of my big goals this year is to love DC. I have some plans to make that happen, but this was an unexpected step in the right direction.


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