behind the lens.

Whenever I travel, I’m always the person holding the camera, keeping it ready and close. I’m the person who demands that the car be pulled over for a shot, who trails behind the group, head swiveling from side to side. I’m the one who slows everyone else down, who needs to change lenses constantly, who carries an extra bag of supplies. I like to think it makes me a nice travel companion when I share the snaps after we’ve returned, but I’ve never asked anyone I’ve traveled with how they’ve felt about it.

I’m not walking through the woods — I’m hunting. And the world is to discover.

Some friends have said to me, “Doesn’t it keep you from just experiencing the trip, always staying behind the lens?” But for me, it’s just the opposite. Carrying the camera heightens my senses, makes me more attentive to details, which are my favorite things to shoot. It’s not for everyone, but for me, I experience travel more deeply than I otherwise would when I have my camera in hand. I see colors and contrast. Light and shadows. The power of a detail or of a panorama.

I’m not walking through the woods — I’m hunting. And the world is to discover.

I’ve taken over 200 pictures so far from my 3 days in India. Unfortunately, I seem to have left my camera cord in my apartment back in DC, so unless I can find one while I’m here, I may have to wait to post photos until I’m back. But there will be plenty then.


2 thoughts on “behind the lens.

  1. I think every photographer will understand you exactly. Truth be told, even when I’m not behind a camera I will look at things thinking photographically (and mentally pressing that shutter…).

    What kind of camera do you use?

    • Hi Alua! I always end up with fewer actual pictures than I thought I took, I think because I have all these mental snapshots. 🙂

      I use a pretty basic DSLR camera actual: a Canon Rebel XS, either with the kit lens and a $10 wide angle lens attachment I bought on Amazon or a telephoto lens for close-ups, especially of people’s faces).

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