the love they bear.

Two weeks ago, a very dear friend of mine got married in a beautiful little church in Holland, Michigan, followed by a party of a reception on the beach. I arrived two nights early for bridesmaids’ festivities, but weighing heavily on me was the fact that this was also the beginning of a long two week stretch of travel and events for work. Gwen had been there for me during all the prep for these work events in the same way that I tried to help (sadly, from afar) in the preparations for her special day. So with my bridesmaids dress and work computer in tow, I boarded the plane with a confusing mix of elation and anxiety.

But there couldn’t have been a more perfect way to start the trip than this beautiful wedding––and important reminder of the good, of the important things.

This was the quote that graced the cover of the ceremony programs. Couldn’t be more apt:

…that the love they bear one another, and the joy they take in one another, may help them grow in love for this whole troubled world.

-Frederick Buechner

Much love to you, G (and more pictures here).


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