update on intentional food.

One of my main Year of Intention goals was to be a more conscious consumer, both in terms of what I buy and what I eat. And so, one of my first major efforts to be an intentional eater was to join a CSA. As part of a CSA, which stands for “community-supported agriculture”, you pay a local farm a certain amount of money for a share of their crops. Then once a week, you get a box of vegetables straight from the farm. Sounds too good to be true, especially considering my CSA actually delivers right to my neighborhood. The catch is: if the crop is bad that year, so is your share. It’s the risk you take. It protects the farmer. It protects you (if you agree that eaten chemical-infused vegetables is probably not the best for your health…). Everybody wins or loses together.

So far this year, it’s been a total win. And when I received a large number of cucumbers one week, inspired by how much fun intentional eating was turning out to be, I decided to try a new experiment. Three weeks later…


Actually, they taste awful. Too much cumin in the recipe. But I’ll modify it and try again. Still, they did smell and look like pickles, which in my mind constitutes a victory. And as I’m beginning to realize, it’s not so much the outcome that matters.


3 thoughts on “update on intentional food.

  1. The pickles look beautiful! That’s a clever way to use a lot of cucumber. I always get stuck at making over-cucumbered cucmber and tomato salad. I still need to try the kale chips you told me about.

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