a brief thought on intention.

When I’ve written or thought about intention in the past, it’s typically been on a macro sort of level based on different topics. How am I traveling intentionally? How am I eating and cooking intentionally? How am I being intentional about writing (or not, based on the frequency of posts recently)?

Intention, as far as I can tell, is not about the activity…

But when work is overwhelming, it can feel like opportunities to be intentional about living (to bake bread, to travel, to write) just aren’t priorities any longer. And it’s easy to let months slip by without grabbing hold of the whole purpose of everything, without taking a step back, taking a moment to breathe.

Intention, as far as I can tell, is not about the activity, though it’s easy to make it about that (I’m being intentional because I hit all my travel goals…). But it’s not about finding several hours where you can be home to watch bread rise. It’s not about making sure you hit your personal writing deadlines. It’s not about traveling to a bunch of places (going to a place is not the same as being there). In times of stress and overcommitment and overwhelmedness, intention is about attitude. It can be as simple as laying in bed for an extra two minutes to notice the way the sunlight streams through the lace curtain. Or leaving a tip in the tip jar at the local coffeeshop. It’s about finding joy where it might get buried and drawing it out into the daylight.


2 thoughts on “a brief thought on intention.

  1. Oh Erica, you are so poignant and precise with your writing. This piece really hit home for me. Thanks for the reminders on how to pull joy out of the busyness that I find myself in.

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