new places : seattle

There comes a moment, every few weeks, when I realize with a sigh that it’s been two…four….six (!?!?) weeks since I’ve updated the blog. Alas. So to compensate I’m publishing two in a row, and they’re both full of pictures. Get excited.


I’ve been to Seattle once before so, like New York, this wasn’t technically a new place. But my first Seattle encounter was somewhat…subpar. It was New Years Day––which, in Chicago, doesn’t really constitute a holiday, meaning that, you know, bars, restaurants, etc. are all still open. Seattle on the other hand…

Walking around outside for twelve hours. In the rain. Literally the only thing open was a sushi dive, and so raise our glasses of saki we did.

Still, everyone raves about this west coast paradise, so when we made plans to return to Seattle for our friends’ wedding, I knew the experience would be redemptive. And truly, it was. Coffee shops. Farmers markets. The ocean on one side and mountains on the other. A noticeable lack of sweltering humidity (in fact, I wore a scarf and cardigan pretty much every day…in July…English major’s heaven).

A beautiful, beautiful place. I hope we go again soon.

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