a beautiful wedding & a new perspective.

Look at that. Two posts in rapid succession. So fast. Lighting speed. For a brief moment, I’m a blogging ninja. 

Since the updates have reached a new low (6 weeks!?), clearly I’m assuming no one is reading this anymore and am embracing that freedom thusly.


Maybe it’s just this phase of my life––the phase where you spend your savings on flights, hotels, dresses, heels you can walk in front of a sanctuary full of people in, heels you can dance in, heels you can wear outside, heels you can…

Ok, I actually have no problem with the heels, and if you could see my shoe rack, you’d know that. It’s a problem. But there’s just something about weddings that I don’t like (insert reader’s gasp here).

Ok, it’s not that I don’t like weddings. I just like to feel like the wedding I’m going to is original, unique. And I think the wedding industry has sucked some of that spirit out of it all.

And all it takes it my beautiful, wonderful friends to remind me…maybe it’s me.

The wedding we attended in Seattle last weekend was of two dear friends. It was also my first time experiencing a wedding from “behind the lens” (somewhat unintentionally). And I realized that the joy of weddings is not in the details that aren’t there; it’s in the details I just miss. It gave me such great joy to seek out (and find!) so many beautiful, thoughtful details my friends had incorporated into their day. And the responsibility of documenting them helped me see them. And I’m honestly excited for the next chance I get to do this again.

All the rest of them here, if you’re interested. Much love to Austin and T.


2 thoughts on “a beautiful wedding & a new perspective.

  1. Of course I’m still reading! And I am now sitting here with my jaw on the floor because these photos are incredible. You took them? Seriously?! When did you get so good? They are beautiful. And of course I like your thoughts on the subject too.

    • Thanks! The wedding was so beautiful that it would’ve been impossible to take bad pictures. Just like yours will be. 🙂

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