year of intention: travel

I realized in my last New Places post on Maine that I actually never wrote about my Year of Intention goals related to travel. I tried to link to them triumphantly after saying how pleased I was to be able to check off the “travel to a new state” goal. And I’m preparing for a new New Places post in the next few weeks. So here we are, tardy but nevertheless…

The travel goals are, for the most part, the most difficult and the most important for me. Because travel often seems the product of a luxury of time or money, neither of which I can seem to scrounge up much of. The travel goals, therefore, are the most difficult to accomplish because they require a wily resourcefulness––because after a long week of work I usually just want to spend my weekend at the farmer’s market or reading on the couch. And the reality of the matter is there will never seem to be enough time, and there will never seem to be enough money. But if travel is a priority, then even if you can’t scrounge up much, you can find enough of these things to go wherever it is you want to go.

But, particularly for the smaller trips, the travel goals require discipline, prioritizing, budgeting. They’re slower to check off than goals like “sign-up for a community-supported agriculture (CSA) share” (which we did last week!), but they are absolutely crucial. But since they take time, the year-to-year goals are modest; this year: (1) two new states (done!), (2) two new countries.

Saturday, Jon and I are leaving for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to check off the new countries goal. Stay tuned for a New Places post, pictures, and other wanderlusty musings since, after all, the best writing is done on the road.


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