new places: new orleans

New Orleans is a city externally defined by the influence of visitors who come under the impression that they are permitted to do pretty much whatever they want.

New Orleans isn’t really a new place––my family passed through on a road trip when I was a little kid and, according to my mom, I hated it (“too racy”). I’m happy to say that age (and probably travel) have made me a little more open-minded, so when I had an afternoon in the Big Easy free after a work trip to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, I found the city immediately endearing. The sleepy Caribbean rhythm, French details, and music-filled streets––”Nawlins” is a city full of character, something I miss intensely in much of DC.


3 thoughts on “new places: new orleans

  1. I had to comment on this post because I currently live in New Orleans (though not born and raised here) and find your opening statement to be undeniably true. A fact that is sometimes frustrating, especially around Mardi Gras season. 🙂 Great job on Austin and Theresa’s engagement pictures. They turned out splendidly.

    • Hi Charisse!

      Thanks for your feedback. That’s really great to hear. I was only in the city for a day, and, even though the “new places” series is supposed to be about first impressions, it’s always a little nerve-wrecking wondering if you’ve got it all wrong.

      Glad you liked the pictures! 🙂

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