writing schedule.

Year of Intention goal: Dedicate one half-hour every day to writing.

A recap of the first week’s progress:

Day 1: Outline book ideas. Select topic  to focus on. Brainstorm a general outline of chapter ideas or topics. Consolidate all written pieces on selected topic. Even think up provisional, working title. End the day feeling very proud and decide to reward myself with a Tryst latte.

Day 2: Start to feel self-conscious. Are these just regurgitated ideas? What am I thinking? Decide to copy down lines from a T.S. Eliot poem about how everything we think and write and do has already been done by wiser men of the past. Conclude feeling sufficiently depressed.

Day 3: Go back to day 1 outline. Write each topic down on a post-it note. Organize and reorganize. Throw out some post-its. Come up with some new ones. Complete a new, significantly improved outline, and start to feel somewhat better, though acknowledge I’m not actually writing anything (still plagued by self-consciousness).

Day 4: Write blog post draft on entirely unrelated topic.

Day 5: Feel inexplicably inspired this morning. Pull out pile of written pieces, consolidated on day 1, and start to organize them under the topics determined on day 3. Get about halfway through before half-hour is up. Actually end the half hour feeling like I want to keep going (which is the point of restricting it to a half hour).

Day 6: Finish organizing materials under topics. Turn attention to topic 3, which has the most material and is therefore the most interesting (and makes me feel the least depressed).

Day 7: Write one page.

Conclusion: Well, I realize I’m going to need to set myself some parameters because there’s not been much product from this method. But I still, somehow, feel pleased, and I’m hoping to gain some momentum. Part of me is just putting this out there for the accountability of it all. Who knows what will actually be produced in the end? But regardless of the quality, or of whether or not anything comes of this, the dedicated time is helping me, even just be more thoughtful, more attentive to plots and characters around me. And regardless of the number of pages, that in itself is worth it.


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