year of intention: food.

One of my goals of living more intentionally this year is to be a more conscious consumer and, in particular, a more conscious eater. I’ve read a bit about buying local and the Slow Food movement. I’ve been a frequent visitor to the Dupont Circle farmer’s market and am an avid lover of vegetables.

But a combination of two occurences made me realize how important it would be to focus on this this year: (1) my mom gave me a book about farming full of hundreds of beautiful local recipes for Christmas, and (2) before leaving for Chicago for the holidays, I had to dispose of nearly half a garbage can full of food that would go bad, the extravagant wastefulness of which was deeply, deeply shameful.

So the goal for the year is to plan better. To know what we’re eating in the upcoming week and to shop smartly for the necessary ingredients. To learn what grows when and to choose winter recipes when it’s winter, summer recipes when it’s summer. To buy from local farmers whatever can be sourced locally. To meet the woman who runs the new urban gardening store that just went in down the street. To slow down. To learn to grow.

It will take a lot of time, I realized yesterday as I started cooking and baking some of the things we had chosen for the week, including a beautiful sweet molasses oat bread to go with a smoky paprika vegetable stew. But the smell of bread baking, the warmth of the kitchen after the oven’s been on, a piece of fresh homebaked bread with jam with a cup of coffee this morning makes me think it will be worth it.


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