a new year. a year of intention.

I’ve just returned to DC from two weeks visiting family in Chicago, and have been reinforced in the fact that, no matter how long I live here, Chicago will always be home. I love the attitude, the grit, the absence of exchanging business cards at happy hour.

But now, back to “normal” life. Back to a lock that needs to be replaced. A closet that desperately needs organizing. A pile of dishes that I washed but apparently forgot to put away that now needs to be washed again.

Over the past week, I’ve been pondering, like many others, new years resolutions. Generally, I don’t even bother, but I do appreciate the feeling of a fresh start. I’ve also been pondering this blog and why I’ve kept it up for the past year and a half (ish). I’ve loved the reason to write, the opportunity to develop my photography skills, and the interaction with people who’ve stumbled upon it.

But what exactly is the purpose?

One of the main things I hope to convey through my writing is a sense of intentionality about life. The title (“talitha cum.”) commands this.

So this year, on the new year resolution front, I’m doing things a little differently. I’ve broken down my life to-do list into categories, and I’m setting goals for the year based on the things I’ve told myself I want to do. Obviously, I’m not tackling everything this year, but I’m hoping breaking things down will help me be more intentional about the way I spend my time (my life?).

I also intend to work with this idea of intentional living in a more…intentional way over the next year right here on the blog. I’ll still be writing about a lot of same things (crazy life in the nation’s capital, community, and especially travel…some exciting plans there on the docket for 2011). But I’ll also spend more time tracing this cord of living with intention through all of these areas. I hope you’ll continue to stop by, read along, and, if moved, participate in the conversation.

Cheers to a fresh start.

Question: What are you resolved to do this year?


8 thoughts on “a new year. a year of intention.

  1. Great post!!

    My new years resolution also has to do w/ being more intentional in my actions this year. One particular goal is to be intentional about growing creatively. I wrote poems last month. For January I am going to do at least 4 themed photo albums and/or photo stories.

  2. In “Out of Africa” she says at one point that she woke up in the desert each morning thinking “Here I am, where I ought to be.” What if I woke up every day thinking that? And what if I could say that not just because I was always happy or fulfilled by my circumstances, but because I am actively following and trusting God who has great things in store for me? How encouraging, comforting, thrilling to consider the possibilities in God’s presence, where we ought to be.

  3. PS: Erica, thanks for reminding me always of intentionally living with creativity and joy and love for others. You inspire me. 🙂

  4. I want to know what the travel docket looks like for 2011. I trust at least one item will involve MI on 9/10, yes??

    New Years res: Nashville half marathon at the end of April, and maybe a full in the fall? And hosting visitors for days at a time in our newly-finished home (I know a couple in DC that I’m dying to host…;-)).

    • MI in Sept is definitely in the plan! Nashville too I hope. Ireland and India as well. It’ll be a good year. 🙂

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