it is time.

“No one wishes to make the problem seem smaller than it is. No one wishes to make its solution seem easy. No one wishes to make light of the fears that beset us. But whether we be fearful or no, we shall never…be able to evade the moral issues. It is time–.” (Cry the Beloved Country, pg 179)

It’s a hard time in DC––perhaps not the best portrayal of the good and redemptive side of humanity. Some people feel like the winners (“those other guys are incompetent and deserve to be ousted”) and some feel like losers (“those other guys are incompetent and are going to mess it all up”). In my job, I sometimes get an inside perspective, and it’s far from uplifting. Partisan politics. Equivocation. Maneuvering. To what end?

I have not––will not––give up hope. If for no other reason than for the simple acts of humanity that I see every day. A man in a suit helps an elderly lady through the crosswalk. My French neighbors greet me in the hallway with a kiss on the cheek. A man in line at Starbucks offers to pay for the drink of the stranger standing behind.

Nothing more complicated than human-to-human  connection, regardless of differences in religious or political perspectives. Simple, good humanity. And that’s a beautiful thing.


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