end of summer.

A morning exploration of the Dupont Circle farmers’ market is a reminder of the beauty of summer, now fading into fall. A reminder that God is an artist with a penchant for extravagance. A reminder that food actually doesn’t need human alteration––certainly not, with beauty like this. A reminder that a world that so often seems dark grey is full of color and light.

Question: Where do you see the beauty [and also, what can you make out of kale]?


4 thoughts on “end of summer.

  1. kale chips

    and someone told me you could make a smoothie if you devein it and blend w 2 bananans….but I have had and like the kale chips

    • hey meg! thanks for the suggestion. i’ll have to look into it. can you believe there were no kale recipes in any of my multiple vegetarian cookbooks!

  2. i’m no chef, but I think you make kale out of kale. my extended family cooks it on Jan. 1 every year. it’s awful. tradition says it will bring you money in the new year.

    did you take these photos?

    • thanks for the…wait, seriously, just straight up kale? steamed? boiled? fried?

      and yes, i did take the photos! hope you like them. 🙂

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