one week.

One week from today, I will be standing here:

It’s surreal but nearly tangible, a cause for invigorated excitement and severe trepidation. We should not be allowed experiences this powerful.

We leave in three days, but these three days will be the hardest as we navigate the boundary between fear of forgetting––to meet a deadline, to empty the garbage––and of fully letting go: am I ready to leave this all behind, to give myself over to the power of a new place that deserves my full attention? Are my bags completely packed; is my mind completed emptied? In trying to experience and embrace everything that is to come, you press on through, and somehow also surrender, everything that is.

You try at once to remember and to forget.

If for no other cause, yet for this: that we may not, through silence, allow things to pass away as in a dream. –Richard Hooker


3 thoughts on “one week.

  1. E, You and Jon have fun, soak it all in – I know you will. Biggest concern is whether you’ll come back – what with your pronounced wanderlust ;-). Jessica

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