begin again.

It doesn’t help that I’ve started getting e-mail updates from the CEO of a publishing house for aspiring writers — and that much of his advice centers on building your web (and Twitter) presence. But Julie & Julia put me over the edge.

So I’ve been ruminating. On the blog. On the future. On the past. Emo. Emo. Etc. Trying to figure out why it is that I’ve gone almost four weeks without updating — wondering what I would have updated about. How can there be nothing worth saying?

The best blogging that I’ve done has resulted from some sort of focused experience. Moving to Ghana. Running the marathon. Working at Starbucks. Moving to a new city. Getting married.

But life has sort of settled down. Really, for the first time ever. I’ve been in DC for a year now, which is longer than I’ve lived any one place since high school. I have one real job (not three, as at one point not too long ago) and my own cubicle. I even have health insurance.

It’s not that any of these things are regrettable. Everything is just calm.

I’ve been told I’m addicted to stress. My mom tells me from time to time that I always have to be adding more things to my proverbial plate; she’s right — who signs up for a marathon during their last (and hardest) semester of college while starting to plan a wedding after only just (ungracefully) recovering from a stress-induced stomach ulcer? So I had a chuckle at myself the other day when suddenly the thought crossed my mind: I think I should buy a bike and sign up for a triathlon.

All the things I’ve been reading about building an online presence or just trying to become some sort of writer in any sense says you have to develop a brand. This is good advice and helps people stay away from blogging their emotions into the void of cyberspace.

Julie’s brand is cooking Julia Child’s recipes. It seems like my brand was uncertainty. What is it now? Time for something new. But what?

Then I come across this.



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