escape pod.

I forgot to post this picture before Christmas, blinded, or at least made too giddy to remember, by the joy of finally arriving home. But here is a picture of the plane that served as our escape out of snow-blanketed Washington — Rochester, New York, our north star.

To be sure, we were a little nervous when, instead of putting us on an airplane, they put us on a bus on the tarmac.

But totally worth it. Aside from it saying Air Wisconsin on the side, how very Jackie O.

On another yet related note, Jon and I just drove through the worst whiteout conditions I’ve ever seen — visibility of literally 20 feet max — and none of these Michiganders are slowing down for a hot second.


One thought on “escape pod.

  1. Yay for visiting home! We’re having our first little flurry in Nashville today – I can’t believe the snow you have already seen this year. We’ll be in it next week though when we go skiing in CO with Becky and Taylor Davis (remember Becky, one of my bridesmaids, or matron, or whatever?). I gotta be honest, E – ever since I relinquished the snowboard for a pair of skis and a day of Sam’s instruction last year, I am thoroughly converted to skiing. I can just do so much more with skiis – snowboards and I never did become one, haha. Happy New Year and God bless!

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