grand rapids?

Part of this post is probably the result of our being stranded in DC after our flight to Chicago being cancelled. But DC does not understand snow. Thankfully, radio DJs have spent the last few days instructing people how they should drive (“It’s best if you just don’t stop all the way. At stoplights, slow down and, if at all possible, don’t stop. It’s very difficult to start again in the snow if you’ve stopped.”)

But spending the afternoon watching people respond to a light snow* was a wonderful way to spend a snowed-in afternoon. Watching people shovel their cars out of snowbanks brought back a loving nostalgia from Michigan days past.

Though to be honest, I’ve never seen people taking pictures of themselves next to piles of snow before.

[Note: Some hyperbole here, I suppose, since a few hours later, it looks like they’re estimating total accumulation at 18″ in my neighborhood; though for the record, my flight was cancelled before 4 inches had fallen, so I stand by my statement. Besides, the snow was falling quite light and peacefully.]


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