do something.

“How beatiful it is to get up and go do something.” (Kurt Vonnegut)

A couple of days ago, a dear friend e-mailed me this list. We wrote it a year ago, and while these are semi-nebulous goals that stick with me most of the time, it had been many months since I thought intentionally about them. And as is probably always the case when you read something with fresh eyes, the goals we had listed together came to life again.

Tasks I had already accomplished brought back a flooding but beautiful nostalgia (#9 and #29 especially). Dreams that had actualized in the past year (#5, most concretely) brought a sense of reassurance and motivation. But mostly goals left yet untouched provided inspiration and passion that in many ways had subsided, making way for the real world, a real job, real bills, and reality that is only reality because it’s the only way we’ve ever known how to live.

What we don’t realize is there are so many other ways out there.

1. Bartend
2. Write a book each
3. Visit every continent at least once
4. (Erica only) Dunk
5. Work at or own a coffee shop
6. Cure something/solve something
7. Adopt
8. Hike a significant distance
9. Eat something really gross
10. Own something two wheeled that’s not a bike (basically own a motorcycle)
11. Protest something
12. Open a women’s shelter
13. Live in Colorado
14. Learn another language
15. Perform a secret mission
16. Learn how to paint properly
17. Have an art studio
18. Be a mom to the motherless
19. Write a song
20. Be showered in something other than water/roses/ and God’s blessings
21. Tell somebody else’s story
22. Tell your own story
23. Be a good oral story teller
24. (Anna only) Act in a big deal play
25. Do something someone tells you is impossible
26. Freefall
27. Visit the seven wonders of the world
28. Grow our own food
29. See a full circle rainbow
30. Make our own clothes


2 thoughts on “do something.

  1. I’m trying to imagine you fulfilling number #1 as a second job after a full day at IJM, whipping off the business for the nighttime formal.

    Blow job with a white russian, please.


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