a season in numbers.

3.5: pounds of free coffee since starting at starbucks

22: number of pieces of free coffee cake

1: number of celebrities served

17: number of new (used) books acquired since moving to DC (4 months ago…yikes)

3: number of weeks until my wedding (!)

also 3: number of people flying to the wedding from other countries (canada, australia, ghana)

4: number of marshmellow bars eaten at the Bucks yesterday. so good. so sick.

16: number of letters received this semester. love by post.

132: number of stamps still to use

11: number of days until i’m homeless

6: number of apartments visited to no avail

48.75: number of hours of work on next week’s schedule. eek.

19: number of blog posts since starting this thing

1,137: number of blog hits as of this moment

21: number of comments. not nearly enough…


2 thoughts on “a season in numbers.

  1. 22: new number of comments.

    Bummer about the 6 dry apt. runs. God does know where you and Jon will live, and He will take care of you. Love you, sis.


  2. that´s the kind of creative post i can never come up with. good perspective. nice work. you make writing look easy.

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