Today I got to work (at Starbucks…not IJM, though I did at one point “get to work” there too today), and the barista in charge of training me says, “Make me a tall latte and a tall cappuccino.”

I can’t imagine that he has already succeeded in tracking this blog down, but now I wonder.

So I made both. The cappuccino, he said, was good, good for my second attempt ever, good for my third day behind the bar. The latte, he said, was excellent. Naturally.

On another note, today I used my new Starbucks Partner discount card for the first time and procured my first free 1 pound bag of coffee (a weekly bonus, apparently!).

Venti-size my life, please.


One thought on “naturally.

  1. “venti-size my life,” I like that. Sounds like the title of a book. I like reading about how to make a cappucino and the subtleties between that finicky drink and the cafe latte. I’m now a set cafe latte fan – why would you ever opt for less coffee?

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