I intended to open this blog when I first moved to Washington to help stay in touch with friends and family back home and around the world, but somehow it never happened, which is unfortunate. Retrospectively, there are a number of events and experiences, thoughts and ideas that I would have liked to have shared: the nature of my work at IJM, the joys of DC’s too-few independent coffeehouses, the best bookstore I have ever experienced…oh yeah, the presidential inauguration.

And so it is happening now.

I can’t guarantee much coherency in the content of the posts that are to come, but I invite you to check in from time to time. I hope to post retroactively some of the things I would have liked to share in the past few months, as well as new ideas, thoughts, experiences, and photographs, and would welcome your feedback and response.

So it begins.


If for no other cause, yet for this: that posterity may know we have not, through silence, allowed things to pass away as in a dream. (Richard Hooker)


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